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By: Ted Camp, Silent Word Ministries


I have written 52 Bible Principles to Practice (available “free” from Silent Word Minist-ries). This is one of the weekly Bible principles we should practice.

Now, before you criticize my title “Christians Are Good For Nothing” consider some Bible verses and principles. “I have nothing to glory of...” (I Timothy 7:7). “I am nothing” (Galatians 6:3). “Without me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5). This means when you become nothing, then God can make you something.

God creates things from nothing. “Nothing” means “no-thing.” All things outside of Him are nothing. Ten or ten thousand nothings is still nothing. Nothing is a big fat zero. One hundred zeros are still zero. Nothing is nada, zero, zilch, none, or no-thing. Nothing does not exist. God is looking for a nobody to tell everybody about somebody.

It has been said that success spoils more people than failure. We should be nothing, so we can do all things through Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:13). A good Christian should shun vain compliments. Do not seek flattery or compliments. You should fear that you will rob God of His glory. When you are complimented for serving the Lord, a simple “thank you” is sufficient, then look up and “thank Him.”

Always realize that the best of man is still only a man. You should stop and think of where or what you might have been if God had not saved you. Where would you be today without God? We are and we should always be “good for nothing” because we are nothing without Him.

Remember, flattery is a tool to manipulate and control you. The same person who flatters you is usually the same person who later criticizes you. I often tease that pastors are paid for being good, but deacons are good for nothing. When we become nothing, God can start using us.

Remember, the way up is down. Pride goes before a fall. God is a glorified junk dealer. He takes something that is worthless and makes it usable for service. God salvages worthless lives and remakes them for His glory. Will you let God mold and make you to become a vessel meet for the Master’s use? When you seek the credit or praise then God stops the blessings.

The purpose of your life and ministry is to glorify Him. People should be able to look at you and “See what God hath done!” You must choose to become a servant. Remember, you are nothing so He can become all things to all people. Pause and thank God that He changed your life. It is amazing that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This Week: Seek to avoid credits, praises, and compliments! Seek to glorify God!

Ted Camp is director of Silent Word Ministries, a worldwide ministry to the deaf based in Trenton. E-mail him at to be added to the email list for weekly articles or phone (706) 657-8000.


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